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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Adrienne Thomas

For over thirty years Adrienne has helped actors, teachers, singers, students of the performing arts - but mainly ordinary non-professionals - discover their full potential though the power of the voice. The course is based on her book of the same name - available as a download on - search Unleash Your Voice, Unleash Yourself!
Adrienne is also a noted singer/songwriter, having produced three one woman shows, as well as an author, poet and performer of Berlin Cabaret and Delta Blues. Below, she describes her own experience and the development of her work.

After graduating from art school in 1970, I studued for a Post Graduate Diploma in Dramatherapy and practised in a number of settings, with emotionally disturbed children. Later on I underwent individual training with the Magdala Opera Trust in Nottingham, which showed me very clearly that working on the voice touches, inevitably and powerfully, on the emotions and the self. Voice as a tool for growth and healing then became my passion and primary focus.

I have been working with voice now for over 30 years in a variety of settings, with many different groups of people all over the world. I have experiemced for myself the development of the work from recreational, through professional and student applications’ therapeutic work and finally to my present work which is based in connection to spirit. It seems that now we need to refer back to the ancients and their use of sound for worship, development and healing and for our basic grounding in experiencing the fullest possibilities for the human voice.

The new work I have devised is based more intentionally around sound; in resonating the voice, using sacred vowel sounds and gestures through the major energy centres of the body. More recently I have run a pilot series of classes for women, focussing on connection with the deep feminine energies through sound and movement. All the women felt really relaxed and liberated in an all female group and I believe many women would be attracted to the idea of a more long term experience of sounding in this way.

I feel that my work is more firmly based in the field of healing and connection to spirit at this time than to the development of voice for singing and recreation. It produces real and lasting change in the energy systems of the body, increases personal power and self esteem as well as a sense of physical and spiritual well-being.


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Courses with Adrienne Thomas

Unleash Your Voice, Unleash Yourself!
August 10th - August 17th