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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Judy Greenman

Judy trained with the originators of CFR, has a private practice in Florida, teaches at the Esalen Institute in California.
Judy Greenman, founder of Body Brain Fitness® is known for empowering you to be pain-free and fully YOU, so you can do what you want and love what you do without pain or strain to your body, relationships or success.

With a background in personal transformation, effective relationships, conscious parenting and unleashing human potential, Judy has created the foundation of Body Brain Fitness®. She teaches you how you can create more choice, ease, clarity and creativity in your life using the innate intelligence of your brain. Body Brain Fitness® releases physical, mental and emotional resistance in your body to allow muscular tension, chronic stress, habitual limiting beliefs and emotional wounds to heal.

Your body becomes your unique personal laboratory for discovering your blind spots. By sensing what was previously unnoticed, you begin to restore comfort, emotional ease, a calm presense and authentic spontaneity that you enjoyed as a baby and may have lost along the way.

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Courses with Judy Greenman

Movement For Life
July 27th - August 3rd