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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Kirsty Martin

Initially learning her craft busking on the streets of London, then training at Goldsmith's College and with Frankie Armstrong, she is a founding member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network, Musical Director for Brighton's 100-strong Hullabaloo Community Quire ( and one of Britain’s most prolific and popular composers of music for community choirs. Kirsty has been teaching at Cortijo Romero for several years and is delighted to be returning for more poolside a cappella fun!


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People Say…

"Lots of warming up exercises - fun and learning. Lots of fab songs tolearn but with an easy way of discovering 4 part harmonies. A safe environment for being creative with voice. Found it so esy to learn the notes/parts with her style of lkeading. Kirsty has a great way of stretching the group to achieve harmonies/complex arrangements beyond what I thought we could achieve on Day 1!"

Susan Jordan

Courses with Kirsty Martin

Sing Out!
April 7th - April 14th