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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Alison Goldie

Alison is a performer, theatre director, life coach and author of The Improv Book.

'I haven't had so much fun on a course for YEARS!! Alison was magnificent as a course leader. She clearly knows her subject VERY well and was able to demonstrate AND teach it really very effectively.' Michael Tipper

'Entertaining, fun, challenging at times, varied and never boring. I would give Alison Goldie and her workshop a 5 star review.' Christina Sensale

'We would not have achieved what we did and come away with the same sense of enjoyment and satisfaction if it hadn't been for Alison. I can't recommend her too highly. This was the best time I've had at Cortijo Romero.' Anne Gibson


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People Say…

"Always cheerful which helped to justify the name of the course, inspirational, tried many different approaches including voicework, artwork and quite a lot of writing; and I liked how she was concerned for the wellbeing of each individual. "

Simon Dunk

Courses with Alison Goldie

Flip To The Fun Side
June 22nd - June 29th

Christmas Week
December 21st - December 28th