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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Richard Brennan

Richard has taught the Alexander Technique since 1989 and written 8 books about it, translated into 21 languages and on sale world-wide. He has appeared on TV in UK Ireland Croatia and Montenegro and been featured on variety of radio stations and in many newspapers and magazines. Richard travels widely, giving talks and presenting courses on the Technique, as well as being the director of Ireland's only Alexander Teacher Training College.

Richard has studied the Alexander Technique since 1983 and has been teaching it full time for over 25 years. He travels extensively in Europe and USA giving talks and courses on the Technique. He has taught it at many educational centres including Galway University, Limerick University, Middlesex University, Dartington College of Arts, and the Conservatory of Music, Dublin.

Richard has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines including The Irish Times, The Sunday Tribune, The Irish Examiner, Cosmopolitan, Hello and Home and Country; he has appeared on BBC I & RTE 1 and been featured on BBC Radios 4 & 5 as well as many local Radio stations around Ireland and the UK. He has written eight books on the Alexander Technique:

- The Alexander Technique Manual
- The Alexander Technique Workbook
- The Alexander Technique - Natural Poise for Health
- Mind and Body Stress Relief with the Alexander Technique
- Change your Posture - Change Your Life
- Back In Balance
- Stress - The Alternative Solution
- How to Breathe

The books have been translated into 21 languages including Russian, Korean and Hebrew. They are on sale world-wide and have sold over 200,000 copies. Richard has also written many articles on the technique for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines.

Richard lives in Galway, Ireland where he is the director of the Alexander Teacher Training College, Ireland. He has also been the President and Vice- President of the Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers. (ISSAT)

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"I did the same course last year and it was so good I wanted to do it again. I could do it many times. It was beautifully crafted. A great balance of instruction and exploration… it really is life changing and this course is a great introduction in a beautiful supportive environment. "

Mary Kaspar

Courses with Richard Brennan

Change Your Posture, Change Your Life
August 10th - August 17th