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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Javier Rodriguez

Javier has an M.A. in Psychology and in-depth trainings in Gestalt, Process-Oriented Psychology and Somatic experience. He has worked for over 20 years as a workshop leader, therapist, coach and ran the Membership Programme in the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland for 5 years.

Javier Rodriguez is a fully qualified clinical psychologist with an extensive and in-depth training in different areas related to personal and spiritual growth. Also transpersonal psychologist; teacher of salsa dancing; sculptor; counsellor; group facilitator; and conflict mediator.

He offers a solid experience as an individual and group psychotherapist, bringing into his work deep understanding, compassion and creativity, together with very specific and practical ways of integrating new insights into daily living.

He worked for many years for the Spiritual and Personal Department of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and lives now with his family in the Findhorn Community.


"Javier - warm and compassionate he role modelled his content - a life changing experience with practical tools to take home." Kerena Crow

"My life has been changed through the experience of meeting Javier and his leadership was superb. Javier is a gifted facilitator." Mary Cohen

"Javier's support both in and out of the group is un-parallelled. I have never felt more supported or trusting of anyone in such a short space of time. I can't imagine how he could be better. He helped the group become amazing support for each other and maximise each person's experience." Debbie Fisher


People Say…

"The content was powerful and far-reaching and the methods used were varied and organised in a progressive and sensitive way. The use of fun activities - dance, singing, games - was vital! I got a huge amount out of it. Thank You."

Rosanne Carwardine

Courses with Javier Rodriguez

Mindful Practices For Authentic Living
March 9th - March 16th

The Way Of The Heart
September 7th - September 14th