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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Maggie (Star) Whiteley

Maggie is a powerful coach and educator with a passion for life-long learning and experience of a wide range of group methods. She is also a qualified Spiritual Companion. 'Effortlessly, inconspicuously brilliant, a master at work.' (Se habla español)
Maggie started her professional life as a teacher. Due to a mixture of luck and talent, by her third year of teaching she was running In-Service Training courses at a county level. After completing her M.Ed. she discovered that she had several more letters after her name than in it and figured this probably qualified her to be an expert. At the age of thirty she managed to convince others this was so and was appointed to head the Drama Department in a college of Higher Education.
Then, of course, there was her sideline. Fascinated in the power of group work and personal growth she trained extensively in Humanistic Psychology and Gestalt Therapy. She developed a small and thriving business doing one on one counselling, personal development groups and consultancy for voluntary agencies.
It will be of no surprise to you that at 36 she hit burnout and decided to give up the day job and concentrate on growing her own business. To punctuate this career change she went to Spain for 6 months to work as chief dish and bottle washer at Cortijo Romero. (This is a workaholic’s idea of a rest, by the way!)
Within five weeks of arriving she was, needless to say, managing the whole place and six months slid into five years. She had a real Lone Ranger approach which gave her a unique, comprehensive and sometimes alarming crash course in management skills and business administration. Sadly, it also gave her a second experience of burnout, the only time in her life she has had to do re-take.
Thankfully, Maggie has learnt how to create a more measured and peaceful approach to life. (Phew!) She graduated from Coach U, one of America’s leading coach training schools and has done further coach training in Positive Psychology. She is also a qualified Spiritual Companion.
Over the past twenty years, whilst living a spacious life based in inner peace and contentment, Maggie has grown a thriving international coaching practise, as well as being the resident coach at Cortijo Romero. She continues to run personal and business development workshops. A woman who walks her talk, she coaches people towards creating a truly fulfilling life, not just an impressive lifestyle.
Although she regularly visits the UK, Maggie is still based in Spain where most of her business is conducted over the internet and phone. She offers individual coaching sessions and Spiritual Companionship for people of faith or no faith, who want to deepen their spiritual life.
Her home is a restored farmhouse in rural Andalucia overlooking a fertile valley that winds down to the glittering Meditteranean Sea. She lives there simply, in awe of Nature with an absurd number of rescued cats and dogs.


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People Say…

"Looking through the feedback form, following my delightful week at Cortijo Romero, I realise that, really the one word to cover my answers would be EXCELLENT, in every single respect. I had the most wonderful time altogether and want to thank you, Star, Ruth, Jill, and all the staff for making it so, from the bottom of my heart. All ran smoothly, from booking to arriving home when my daughter met me at Luton airport."

June Baker

Courses with Maggie (Star) Whiteley

Six Keys To Wellbeing
May 11th - May 18th

Grateful Thoughts; Kind Actions
July 20th - July 27th

Being Here
November 2nd - November 9th