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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

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Published: Jun 4th 15

Stories and feedback from Cortijo Romero

Maggie was our Guardian for 10 years, finally moving back to the UK in 2013. Cortijo Romero has played an important role in her life, and her open-hearted story can speak to us all. September 2014 

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Mark posted his experience of coming to Cortijo Romero on our Facebook Page. Straight from the heart, it sums up perfectly why people choose CR for their holiday... and why they return again and again. May 2014

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"I want to say a massive thank you to you all for making it possible for me to spend a week of bliss at Cortijo Romero. I couldn't, in my wildest dreams, have imagined what a huge impact it would have on me. I have returned home full of love, light and energy and the week allowed me a complete break from the demands of being a carer. All the staff at the centre were wonderful, kind and nurturing, and I felt completely 'held' for the week. My new found energy is allowing me to think about how I want the next part of my journey through life to look. I'm hoping to start work again soon and am looking to set up a project offering massage to carers/parents of those on the autism spectrum." - S.W. May 2015


"I went last year for the first time. I was worried that it would be too airy fairy for me ... How wrong I was ....CR is a precious ring made of pure gold and the people who gather within are the diamonds ... I highly recommend this as a break from the madness that can be life." - Mary Crowner, May 2014

"I like the positive, inclusive philosophy and especially the beautiful location and the garden. The climate is wonderful in the Alpujarras." - Jo Scoting, Dec 2013

"It is a peaceful sanctury in a busy, stressful world, where you connect with a mix of delightful people. Terrific." - Stuart Kempster, April 2013


A letter from our Flamenco teachers, Ana (dance) and Jose (guitar), Nov 2015:

Dear Alan and Co,

After returning from what was a wonderful week at CR, with such positive feedback and amazing energy I wanted to tell you that you have created something so special at CR.

I can see how welcome each guest feels and how you have created an atmosphere of such warmth and safety that is quite unique.

There are so many small details that make guests feel so special and this starts with the warmth and genuine helpfulness at the CR office in the UK, who take calls and enquiries about anything from flights to diet to room availability.

The cooks preparing delicious food and being so accommodating with specific diets.

The way the hosts and helpers are so welcoming and inclusive to everyone.

Even the small detail of the staff coming out to wave and hug guests as they say farewell. These are small details that add up to guests and practitioners feeling wonderful.

It starts to feel like an extended family.

So, on my behalf and on José’s too, thank you for creating and maintaining such a beautiful retreat to work in.

Kind regards,




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"Phill is very aware of every group member's levels of enjoyment, as well as the individual levels of experience with music. He managed to "arrange" the voices and led us through every stage which made our group grow and really come together."

Sylvie Tiesler