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Saturday Jul 27, 2019 to Saturday Aug 03, 2019


Here’s an opportunity to experience writing as a mindful, releasing practice for listening to and trusting yourself deeply, lightly, expansively, alongside others making their own explorations. Time to allow the feeling heart to lead the thinking mind with playful spirit.

Discover how playing with words can liberate voices you never knew you had;

Get beyond blocks and utilise that nagging critical voice effectively;

Practise techniques for unleashing your imagination and being guided by it;

Express and share experience, ideas, dreams, where true life meets fiction and myth;

Be an inventor, experimenting with characters, stories, your own creations;

Get happy about making mistakes which lead to new discoveries;

Wield your pen like a magic wand, transforming the wanderings of the inner world into an adventure in paper and ink;

Discover afresh how every aspect of human experience, actual and fantastical, can be your source of inspiration.

All levels of experience are welcome.

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