Body/Mind Tai Chi and Chi Gong

Deep Relaxation, Inner peace, Grounding and Vitality

Saturday Mar 26, 2022 to Saturday Apr 02, 2022


All fields of human activity - physical mental and spiritual - depend on the power of energy. Properly concentrated, it can generate tremendous creativity and dynamism — and all human beings are capable of far higher levels of energy than is normally assumed. Learn the art of awakening this extraordinary capacity already latent in your body/mind — a profound approach to self-transformation and healing.

By combining deep rhythmic breathing with slow effortless movements while relaxing your attention into the depths of your body, you can discover a deep sense of peace, vitality and connectivity. Any stagnant energy can be unleashed, increasing your stamina and brain power, giving you resilience in high-stress environments and unlocking astonishing creative and intuitive power. Other possible benefits include releasing toxic patterns of emotions or thoughts and resolving addictive behaviours..

As well as body/mind tai chi and chi gong, we will include breathing techniques, tapping, shaking, and meditation — all against a backdrop of a spectacular environment.

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