Singing Your Socks Off, Playing For Pleasure

Let Your Spirits Soar!

Saturday Sep 03, 2022 to Saturday Sep 10, 2022


Whether or not you are a secret singer, have never sung before in your life, or sing all the time and in public, come and have a wonderful musical time performing songs from across the world, from the Pacific Islands to the Great American Songbook. On the way we will explore harmony, rhythm, phrasing and improvisation. The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment, not pressure, so you will find you will be able to:

- Subdue the critical voices that make you self-conscious

- Indulge your love of music - be it folk, jazz, blues or beyond

- Notice your confidence building

- Gather together to create wonderful harmonies

- Overcome your nerves

- Uncover hidden talent

- Trust your voice

Nils Solberg is assisting Kate Daniels. A legend among professional guitarists, Nils has recorded and performed with such artists as Bryan Ferry, Nigel Kennedy, Clare Teal, Ralph McTell, as well as Kate of course. He is much in demand as a jazz guitarist/vocalist, soloist, and accompanist.

Musicians are welcome to participate. Some guitars, plus chord charts and backing tracks, will be available.

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