Untangling Your Life

Explore and resolve personal, family and vocational issues with the powerful Constellations method

Saturday Apr 30, 2022 to Saturday May 07, 2022


In a safely supportive environment, Systemic Constellations offer a profound methodology that enables us to find the healing movement or resolution to complex or sometimes seemingly intractable personal issues. These issues may arise from family, relationships, career or existential and spiritual difficulties.

Constellations can help us move from stuck to flow and enable us to step into our more authentic life. Often without knowing it, we can find ourselves stuck in the past, living a life that is entangled with the fate of those who came before us - sometimes ancestors that we barely knew about and yet somehow unconsciously we find ourselves acting out their fate.

A man may feel disconnected from his family -or even a desire for life, and on investigation realise he is entangled with the fate of a great grandfather who lost all his comrades in a war. A woman secretly wants to abandon her child and filled with shame she can't even talk about it, until she learns she is unconsciously trying to share the fate of an ancestor who had a baby taken from her at birth.

Join us on this journey to let go of the past, move from stuck to flow and step into our more authentic future lives.

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