Yoga: The Full Experience

Food for the body, mind and soul.

Saturday Apr 16, 2022 to Saturday Apr 23, 2022


A well rounded yoga practice connects us to the limitless nature of the true self … if that sounds a bit heavy, it is not! Outbursts of joy, smiling and light heartedness are encouraged. We might even dance.

We’ll practice not only yoga postures for the physical body (asanas) but other aspects including breathing techniques (pranayama), different meditations, a sprinkling of wisdom from spiritual teachers from different backgrounds - and some surprises! Not least, we’ll explore techniques to ease stress and bring you to a quiet inner space.

These are big subjects that we can touch on lightly. The week is suitable for anyone, whether you've never heard of a “chakra” or already practice at intermediate level.

Come with an open mind, choose which practices resonate with you, and take them away to use in your everyday life. I hope to help you find a way to shine your light, both on and off the mat.

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