The Garden of the Heart

Restoring communion with nature and resting in our natural presence
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Saturday Aug 14, 2021 to Saturday Aug 21, 2021


Across the world for millennia, our bodies, minds, 'souls' and lives have been artistically compared to secret, sacred gardens; places we can enter with awe for the mystery of life, to tend, praise and experience encounters that renew inspiration and awaken dynamic co-creation.

Springtime in Andalusia is a lush and colourful season, a warm, nurturing environment for our meditations, imaginings and feelings and whenever possible, our sessions take place outdoors. Meditative, body and art-based practices bring us more present in body-mind, helping us sensitively attune to the ‘field’ of which we are part, losing and re-finding ourselves in a concept-loosening and inspiring process, not easily summarised in words.

‘The forest breathes. Listen. It answers, I have made this place around you’ (from ‘Lost’ by David Wagoner)

The alchemy between these and your own life experience, creativity and wisdom, becomes a co-creative adventure for the group, while the group provides support for individuals' artistic- therapeutic journeys. It is an affirming, often humorous, playful and intimate process to witness and celebrate the emergence of each person’s unique creativity.

I welcome your willingness to take playful risks to relax into nature, express yourself with the materials and share precious moments of your journey with your companions.

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