Yin Yoga - Slow Medicine

Yoga and Acupressure for Health and Well-being

Saturday Aug 20, 2022 to Saturday Aug 27, 2022


Come and enjoy some slow medicine during the long, warm summer days and take home a deeply nourished and rested you!

Yin Yoga works on many different levels, releasing physical, mental and emotional tension. Using soothing, long-held (Yin) poses, which are practiced close to the ground, sitting or lying down, we hold the poses for a few minutes each, as if giving ourselves a healing treatment. These longer, passive holds generate acupressure that travels deep into the connective tissues, organs, bones & meridians, helping to generate healthier flows of energy. We will also use self-acupressure with fingers, sticks & tennis balls to stimulate or balance this flow. In the hot afternoons you can enjoy yogic sleeps in the form of Yoga Nidra - guided relaxation.

Using the self-care maps from Yin Yoga & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we learn ways to balance and support ourselves, especially in relation to the different seasons of the year and of our lives. As we age, we tend to get more prone to injuries, aches and pains. Yin Yoga helps the deeper connective tissues to stay hydrated & supple.

In TCM it is said that, ‘where there is no flow, there is pain, and where there is pain, there is no flow’. Our aim then is to generate a healthier flow that nourishes all levels of body and mind.

Lelly has lived & worked locally in Spain as a Yoga teacher for 20 years. She studied Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers & Jo Phee. She also teaches Hatha yoga.

This style of yoga can benefit anyone interested in a deeply nourishing and restful practice that can feel challenging in a different way from the more dynamic (Yang) styles of yoga.

If you have a medical condition, are pregnant or have had recent surgery please contact CR to discuss the suitability of this course for you.


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