Flamenco Sevillanas Dance

Power and Passion: Learn a New Dance, Express Yourself with Freedom and Joy!

Saturday Sep 17, 2022 to Saturday Sep 24, 2022


The lively and charismatic Flamenco dance of Sevillanas originates in the Flamenco heartland of Seville, Andalucía.

Unlike other Flamenco dances there is an established choreography for Sevillanas and each dancer expresses their own personality and individuality through their movements and style. (Aire)

It is both playful and proud, and has capacity for any number of variations.

Ana will not only teach the traditional choreography but also show how each dancer can make small variations to tailor the dance to their own personality and ability.

With daily collaborations with José León and his guitar students, the dance students will have the opportunity of studying this majestic Flamenco dance in an immersive and fun atmosphere.

This dance is essential learning, not only for Flamenco dance students, but also for Flamenco aficionados and lovers of Spanish Culture and history.

Suitable for couples of any gender and solo participants.

No previous experience necessary.

Example of Sevillanas dance:


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