Play Flamenco Sevillanas Guitar

Learn the authentic Spanish way

Saturday Sep 17, 2022 to Saturday Sep 24, 2022


Flamenco was born in southern Spain from a rich cultural melting pot that

included Gitano (Gypsy), Arab, Indigenous Spanish, Jewish, Berber, African and

even Celtic influences.

The Sevillanas, originating from the region of Seville, express the drama, fire, grace and colour of Flamenco; learning to play them is a must for any flamenco guitarist.

The guitar accompies the song and dance with rhythmic chord playing and melodic variations (falsetas). Learn elusive techniques, gain a confident rhythm and a broad knowledge of the chords and timings.

The whole week is enhanced by the social and cultural dimension where dance and

guitar students can enjoy impromptu opportunities to dance, play and revel in

this idyllic mountain location in the heartland of Flamenco. A rare opportunity to play for dancers, who also benefit from live accompaniment.


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