Learning Love

Opening to Conscious Connection (for individuals and couples)

Saturday Aug 06, 2022 to Saturday Aug 13, 2022


Happy, healthy relationships are, for many of us, a challenge to create and maintain. Even our relationship with ourselves can feel unfulfilling, disconnected or even painful. As social beings we are born hard-wired to need and expect connection and love, as well as support and encouragement. As we grow up these needs are not always met and this can create feelings too powerful for us to process at the time. We find ways, strategies, to protect ourselves from such discomfort and these strategies become our way of life. This leads us to live our lives in protection, always wondering if it is safe to show our true selves or to let another person in. During this week we will explore some of the themes of the Learning Love model, using guided meditations, experiential exercises, open sharing, and celebratory dance. We will learn practices and tools that can bring awareness to how our emotional make-up shapes our life and can free us up to be authentic, creative, joyful and able to love.

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