Created for Joy

"The greatest joy lies in doing good for others." The Dalai Lama & Archbishop TuTu

Saturday Sep 24, 2022 to Saturday Oct 01, 2022


“Sometimes I forget that I was created for joy…

I was created to smile, to love,

to be lifted up and to lift others up.”


Life can be so busy and sometimes filled with worries and difficulties, and this is especially so after the last couple of years. We can easily forget our enormous and natural capacity for joy. This week is time to remind ourselves that whatever is happening around us, we can experience joyful moments even when times are busy or hard. When we know how to nurture joy in our lives, our hearts open, we can feel the essence of who we are and connect and uplift others.

We’ll be learning about and doing things that allow us to sink into that joyful state. Time in nature, enjoying the peaceful gardens and majestic mountains at Cortijo Romero; flexing our creative muscles through authentic movement, writing, artwork, play; reflective time, slowing down to be with ourselves in meditation; kindly connection with those around us; large doses of self compassion and a plenty of laughter and fun.

Based in sound scientific studies, you’ll be learning a few little practical tricks to tuck up your sleeves and take back home with you.

Come and join us for a journey to joy!

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