Weaving With Water

Mindfully release (and have a really good time with) the creative self that sits inside you.

Saturday Jul 13, 2019 to Saturday Jul 20, 2019


The Weaving with Water course at Cortijo Romero is about the sheer joy of being mindfully creative. This is a week in which to release and revive the creative self, whilst having time in the sun.

We are all creative in one way or another, but sometimes life knocks it out of us. Whether you have no artistic experience or have a lot, this course will refresh and release something important about your creative self.

To quote Maya Angelou, ‘you can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have’.

What you will do

Exploring daily themes, such as touch, sight, sound or movement, participants immerse themselves in purposeful play and in creating things that mean something to them.

You will dance, paint, draw, mould, listen, make and write, using meditation and visualisation practices to focus your mind and your imagination.

Using meditation and visualisation to focus the imagination, participants are surprised at what they can achieve.

The process will appeal to your senses and your sense of fun, whilst asking gentle questions about who and where you are in your life. You may get mucky, use your whole body and have a really playful time. You’ll be great at all of it.

Here's what people say about the Weaving with Water week at Cortijo Romero


'I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was playful, fun and inspiring'.

'Gaynor was calm, very well prepared and good at both listening to individual participants and delivering the course content. Skilled at drawing creativity out from participants in many and varied ways.'

'Gaynor was an excellent course leader. She had prepared everything very well but was flexible and responsive to the group.’

‘She was very positive and encouraging and I came away feeling inspired to do more creative things at home and with ideas to follow up.’


‘Content was nicely structured with a different theme each day. All the sessions were enjoyable.’

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