Yoga And Meditation

For health and harmony

Saturday Jun 22, 2019 to Saturday Jun 29, 2019


Would you like to

- move more fluidly

- be comfortably upright

- let go of held areas of your body

- improve your posture

- be more relaxed and less stressed

- learn ways to realise all these and more?

Enjoyment of body movement and the stillness of meditation bring flow and balance into your life. Explore how you inhabit and experience your body. Develop a more relaxed awareness of its movements, using yoga postures. Find more grace, poise and good health.

Breathing and walking are our most frequently repeated movements. They make a big impact on body structures and postures, so there will be practice in doing both in a way that suits your uniqueness. Breathing will also be used as an aid to meditation.

Yoga practices will be complemented with aspects of the (much newer!) body re-education approach called Rolfing, after its pioneer, Dr Ida Rolf.

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