Finding Meaning, Living Passionately

A transformational journey

Saturday Jun 29, 2019 to Saturday Jul 06, 2019


In a supportive group, come on a secular 'pilgrimage' and through this powerful and highly creative process, connect to the fire that lies within the heart, opening us to transformation at the deepest level. A pilgrimage is a ritual journey, a time of reflection and contemplation, during which the pilgrim looks within and in which 'new and old places in the heart are visited'.

We'lll allow the symbolic language of dramatic narrative, expressive art, movement and ritual to guide our inquiry into our sense of what lends meaning to our lives. We will explore our beliefs, values, sense of connectedness, and our longing and desire for a passionate and meaningful existence.

“Jessica is amazing. She has this soft power that is almost mesmerising. Very inspiring.” - Iona

“Interesting, challenging, really encouraged me to be creative. Great group dynamic, very sharing and supportive.” - Cathy


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