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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero


Do you express your passion through the arts? Creative arts in its many forms are a fundamental part of our work at the centre. Personal development comes from the expression of your creativity no matter which form it takes; writing, painting, singing, performance, etc. Many people come to Cortijo Romero to get away from ‘left-brained’ lifestyles. These holidays are perfect for you to get in touch with your creative, playful, spiritual side. There is no expectation of previous experience or any abilities; all courses are based on facilitating your growth and development with respect and care. All course leaders are experienced in working with groups and most have also trained in some form of counselling or therapy.

Some weeks have two courses; please choose one.
Courses marked CALL have limited single room availabilty. Please call +44 (0)1494-765775
Date Course Leaders Price Places
Date:July 15 - 22 July 15 - 22 Course: Free The Spirit
Get in touch with the joyful inner you
Leaders: Hazel Carey Price:£695.00 Places:CALL
Date: July 15 - 22 July 15 - 22 Course: Write In The Moment
Draw on your personal story to fire up the writer within
Leaders: Charlie Moritz Price:£695.00 Places:CALL
Date:July 22 - 29 July 22 - 29 Course: Songs For The Soul
Release your creativity through transcendental songs, syllables and sound
Leaders: Polina Shepherd Price:£695.00 Places:CALL
Date: July 29
- August 5
July 29 - August 5
Course: Weaving With Water
Give a big hug to the creative self that sits inside you
Leaders: Gaynor Kavanagh Price:£695.00 Places:CALL
Date:August 5 - 12 August 5 - 12 Course: Flip To The Fun Side
Give your adult self a rest!
Leaders: Alison Goldie Price:£695.00 Places:CALL
Date: August 12 - 19 August 12 - 19 Course: Popping The Cork
Let the fizz out and get a new slant on life.
Leaders: Anne Lister Price:£695.00 Places:YES
Date:August 19 - 26 August 19 - 26 Course: The Garden Of The Heart
Art, mindfulness & communion with nature
Leaders: Beverley A'court Price:£695.00 Places:CALL
Date: August 26
- September 2
August 26 - September 2
Course: Go With The Flow
Feeding and nourishing your life
Leaders: Amanda Brown Price:£695.00 Places:YES
Date:September 2 - 9 September 2 - 9 Course: Five Rhythms Dance And Creativity
A moving journey through The Wave
Leaders: Dilys Morgan Scott Price:£695.00 Places:CALL
Date: September 9 - 16 September 9 - 16 Course: Wordplay
Get creative with words, on paper and in speech
Leaders: Mandy Wheeler Price:£695.00 Places:CALL
Date:September 30 - October 7 September 30
- October 7
Course: Words To Catch The Light
Writing to lift and transform your life
Leaders: Rosie Jackson Price:£695.00
Early bird price:
(booked before 30/06/2017)
Date: October 14 - 21 October 14 - 21 Course: Drawing and Painting
Working from life with line and colour
Leaders: Sandy Grant Price:£695.00
Early bird price:
(booked before 14/07/2017)
Date:October 28 - November 4 October 28
- November 4
Course: Embodying The Myth
Transform your life story through dance and ancient wisdom
Leaders: Maggie (Star) Whiteley
 & Rebecca Faro
Early bird price:
(booked before 28/07/2017)
Date: December 23 - 30 December 23 - 30 Course: Christmas Week
A beautiful week of warm-heartedness and compassionate sharing
Leaders: Rachel Caine Price:£695.00
Early bird price:
(booked before 23/09/2017)
Date:February 24 - March 3 February 24
- March 3
Course: Catch The Spirit
Get your mojo back!
Leaders: Hazel Carey Price:£670.00
Early bird price:
(booked before 24/08/2017)
(booked before 24/11/2017)
Date: March 10 - 17 March 10 - 17 Course: Writing Your Own Memoir
How to start writing your life story
Leaders: Rosie Jackson Price:£670.00
Early bird price:
(booked before 10/09/2017)
(booked before 10/12/2017)
Date:April 14 - 21 April 14 - 21 Course: Finding Meaning, Living Passionately
A transformational journey
Leaders: Jessica Williams Ciemnyjewski Price:£680.00
Early bird price:
(booked before 14/10/2017)
(booked before 14/01/2018)
Date: April 14 - 21 April 14 - 21 Course: Mindful Photography
Re-discover the joy of seeing!
Leaders: Ken Scott Price:£680.00
Early bird price:
(booked before 14/10/2017)
(booked before 14/01/2018)

If you see "CALL" alongside a course, it means that it is nearly full and/or that some room types are full. We can often find a way around such problems if we can discuss your preferences with you.

* Early booking discounts: terms and conditions apply. Available on request.