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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Conscious Relationships

Celebrate your Being, Life and Relationships

From Saturday Oct 21, 2017 to Saturday Oct 28, 2017
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Later £695.00

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Here is a way to come to love your being as man or woman and to live more fully every day. It can help you make fundamental changes and create your life anew.
We focus on creating deeper connections to ourselves and each other; explore the relationships in our lives, how they could be richer, deeper, more satisfying - and how we can live our unique aliveness more fully.

The approach is light and playful while also offering profound transformation. Methods include guided journeys and processes, touch and nurturing physical contact with others, guided meditations, circle sharing and dance. It includes a powerful backtracking process designed to restore or awaken lost inner resources, so that you can free your life and relationships from self-limiting patterns. How far and how deeply you travel is up to you.

Experience and appreciate the gift of your unique being as man or woman and bring more joy and ease into your connections with others.

Course Leader

Jan Day
Jan has been offering workshops focused on intimacy, sexuality, relationships, forgiveness, self-acceptance and life vision since 1999. She is held in high regard for her compassion, integrity and insight.



The Roots of Happiness
with Judi Ledward
May 27 -
Jun 3
"The very source of all happiness is your being-ness; be there!" Nisargadatta Maharaj

Wild Twin
with Tom Morley
Jun 3 - 10
Let the other you out!

People Say…

"Bookings Process Brilliant. Janice is/was really helpful on the 'phone and the information packs were really informative. General A really great pace - lots to do without being overwhelmed. Plenty of time to be quiet and rest and opportunity to explore and develop myself and voice in a safe place."

Sam Frith