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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Learn Flamenco Guitar

Solo, or accompanying dance and song

From Saturday Sep 16, 2017 to Saturday Sep 23, 2017
Book before 16/06/2017 only £665.00
Later £695.00

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The captivating sound of the Flamenco guitar is unmistakeable. Rhythmic, percussive, melodic, haunting and intensely passionate, it is a pivotal element of an art form renowned for its fire, mystery, spirit and drama. The course gives an authentic insight into the rhythms, accompaniment, techniques, forms and their origins. Elusive traditions and conventions are demystified in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, imparting confidence and a deeper understanding.

Flamenco guitar is part of an oral tradition and José’s teaching follows a time-tested method relying more on the ear than any written media. Learning is reinforced by demonstration, repetition, explanation and encouragement, which helps connect with the music in a more instinctive and intuitive way .

Course Leader

Jose Leon
Jose studied flamenco from a young age in Spain and performs internationally with his sister Ana in their group "Amor Jose studied Flamenco guitar from a young age in Córdoba Spain with his uncle Antonio (professional guitarist)and performs internationally with his sister Ana in their group "Amor Flamenco". He teaches in the UK and Spain, sharing his invaluable experience accompanying dancers and singers. Jose loves teaching, believing that learning should be fun, with no pressure or stress. No prior knowledge of Flamenco, academic musical training or reading needed but some basic knowledge of guitar is useful. Please bring nylon-stringed guitar. (Se habla espanol.)



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People Say…

"I really enjoyed the sense of achievement by the end of the week and the physical challenges throughout (I particularly enjoyed being able to wield a pick axe). A lot of fun."

Thora Walton