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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Heart-To-Heart Conversations

How to have the conversations you long for.

From Saturday Mar 11, 2017 to Saturday Mar 18, 2017
Cost: £670.00
Availability: YES

Move into your power and learn a 4-step process to....

- OBSERVE what actually triggers upset in your interactions with others
- Notice your FEELINGS in relation to this
- Identify what NEEDS you are longing for, maybe: hope, closeness, freedom, clarity, inspiration, peace?
- REQUEST what you really want with confidence

Develop clear and concise vocabulary. Enjoy the wonderful peace and freedom your new-found expression will bring.

Based on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication(NVC), we will use materials co-developed by Gina called NVC Dance Floors. These are maps made up of cards placed on the floor, each representing a step in the 'dance of communication'. Working this way allows the body to experience shifts as well as the mind and emotions.

Previous participants have described the week as: life-changing - empowering - heartfelt - growing compassion in the world.

Course Leader

Gina Lawrie
Gina has a wealth of experience in facilitating individuals and organisations through change, using her style of support and gentle challenge. She is one of the most experienced trainers of "Nonviolent Communication" in Europe - well known for the innovative materials she has co-developed and for her teaching in many parts of the world.She also helps people to declutter their life and home.

Gina Lawrie interview.



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People Say…

"Much important subject matter presented in a way that was `digestable' due to the pace and `light touch' style of delivery, along with the opportunity being created for questions and particpants offering their anecdotes, statements etc and in a supportive atmosphere."

Margaret Page