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Cortijo Romero
Cortijo Romero

Movement in the Light

Stand like a great mountain, flow like a great river, and tune into the infinite grace and power of nature

From Saturday Mar 25, 2017 to Saturday Apr 01, 2017
Cost: £680.00
Availability: Full

Would you love to fully enjoy the beauty of each precious moment of your life? Then Join Master Jason Chan, for a transformative week of gentle, but powerful movement, guided meditations, and inspirational talks. Jason will lead you through a range of his unique Infinite Tai Chi and Infinite Chi Kung sequences that have been designed to raise your energy levels, relax and strengthen your physical body, calm your mind, and fill your whole being with radiant ‘Chi’.

During the week, Jason will create the perfect energetic environment for you to experience the love, peace and joy that arise naturally when we gently still our minds and expand our consciousness into true love and light.

This will be a joyful week of shared fun, laughter and self-empowerment, as the group is gently guided into higher levels of energy and consciousness by a true Taoist Master.

Course Leader

Jason Chan
Jason is a Tai Chi Master, inspiring spiritual teacher, and a powerful energy healer. He is the author of "The Radiant Warrior" (Hay House 2009). In 2008, "Kindred Spirit" readers voted him Most Inspirational Individual of the year. Jason has created his own Tai Chi form known as Infinite Tai Chi and his own series of Chi Kung and Yoga moves known as Infinite Chi Kung and Infinite Chi

Jason Chan interview.

Article by Jason Chan




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People Say…

"Quiet, reliable, courteous, identifying with participants at various points, suggesting, encouraging, reminding, a `shepherd', demonstrating valuable qualities throughout eg. feedback."

Margaret Page